Added new drives to existing PR4100 with RAID0

Just purchased a PR4100 and apart from the lack of soundproofing in the case (seems to amplify the tinny noise when the drives are working) im very impressed with the device as a whole. Especially its performance with Plex. Its sat next to a £500 QNAP device which almost melts when its trying to decode 1080p down to a 4mbps stream (and wont play without long pauses) yet the PR4100 ran 4 instances of the exact same decode at less than 60% cpu. Very impressive indeed.

Anyway, to the question. I’ve got 2x10tb reds in the NAS currently. Im going to be pulling the 2x5tb reds from the QNAP and putting them in the remaining bays of the PR4100. Im just alittle worried about the data currently on the WD NAS.

I’ve got the 2x10’s setup in a RAID0. I want the 2x5 in a separate RAID0 although from the menu on the WD it seems to treat the RAIDing as a whole.

Is it possible to have 2 RAID0’s on this box? or even keep the RAID0 and span the 2x5s?

is the data currently on the 2x10’s safe when I add the 2 additional drives?

Any advise would be appreciated. Im just alittle worried about loosing all this data.


AFAIK you can just keep the RAID0 and span the 2x5s.
I’d rather worry about that RAID0… you don’t need fast IO for Plex. I’d recommend to go JBOD.
See here for info on fault-tolerance in RAID:

I think I agree. . . . .pretty sure I would pick jbod over Raid 0.
Does it matter if the two new disks appear as two logical volumes instead of one?