Multiple Volumes on PR4100

I would like to purchase a PR4100 for use as a Plex server, but I want to maximize storage as well as redundancy. To start, I plan on purchasing two 8TB WD Red drives. I would like to set them up as a RAID 1 volume where one drive mirrors the other. (Please correct me if I don’t have that terminology correct)

As time goes on and I fill up the first volume, I would like to be able to purchase two more 8TB drives and set them up as a separate volume in the same fashion, one mirroring the other.

Is that all possible with this drive? Is that something I can manage with the basic setup tools or is there a special process I would need to follow in order to make that happen? My MyCloud Mirror came set as a RAID out of the box, I believe. Are there any guides on how to accomplish this if it’s not too intuitive?

Hi there, yes you can have two sets of RAID 1 on the device. You insert Disk 1 and Disk 2, configure the RAID. Remove the drives and then insert Disk 3 and Disk 4 to configure the other set of RAID 1. Once you have both sets of RAID 1 configured, you reinsert all disks.

Thank you very much for your response! I will look into this when I purchase the drive. I am very happy to know there is an actual process for exactly what I want to do!