PR2100 Windows mapping and remote access

Dear all,

few days ago I bought a WD PR2100 for working in the same time with same files but from different offices and different users as I do currently with Dropbox.

But right now I have some issues:
I mapped the NAS on my PC and it s working well when PC and NAS are in the same network. But when PC change network, I cannot access to the NAS with a normal Windows folder.

I would like to avoid to access remotely to the NAS from browser.

Can you support me please?

Thanks a lot.

Difficult at first, but in fact really easy - you just need to set up the remote access for each ‘user’ - I have a laptop which for example i’ve named ‘laptop’ on my system to keep it simple - on your PC on the ‘home’ network which is connected to your PR2100, connect with admin to create independent access for your laptop under the USERS tab - this then allows your laptop to access remotely on different networks.
The files you want to allow remote access to could be saved under PUBLIC.
Set it up so that each user has a password to access the MyCloud PUBLIC files.
Connect to your NAS via the browser of your choice using the ID you have created for remote access and click to view files on the PUBLIC folder.
Should work - it does for me, at any rate, whether I’m at home with my desktop and laptop working, or abroad with just my laptop on a completely different network connection.

Sorry, I forgot also to note that you must also go to the SHARES tab and switch on for the PUBLIC files!

Thanks a lot for suggestions. But as I highlighted, I don’t want use the browser access.

That’s why my question.

Probably with iSCSi? Someone can support?