PR2100 - Storage problem

Hi all
I am new here and have been googling and searching and have not found definite answear so I plea to you guys if you can clarify my suspicion.
I am rocking PR2100 (8TB in RAID 1 (2x4TB disks)). Couldn’t be happier. First time NAS user.
My problem is this:
The capacity in the dashboard says I have only 348GB (of 4TB capacity) left but when I go into network shares on my PC it says that I am only using 2,55TB (see picture)
For what I have found out, that when I delete (just using delete button) the files stay a period of days (depends on subscription, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days) on the disk if I don’t have the recycle bin enabled.
I didn’t have the recycle bin enabled until I read this (yesterday :slight_smile: )
So my question is this:

  • Can I find the deleted files that are taking up place on the disks and permanently delete them to free up storage or do I have to wait for the files to automatically delete from the disks.

I maybe misunderstanding all of this but all the help you can give me (or just send me a link where this has been discussed) is much appreciated.


You could refer to the following links:

Hi again.
Now I have another problem.(I fixed the recycle issue)
My dashboard does not show me what part are Movies and photos etc (like the photo above).
Now it only shows one number as the total storage is free (see photo attached)
Any ideas what this is about?

Nevermind. I found out the issue was not enabling the cloud access in settings.