PR2100 - Storage problem

Hi all
I am new here and have been googling and searching and have not found definite answear so I plea to you guys if you can clarify my suspicion.
I am rocking PR2100 (8TB in RAID 1 (2x4TB disks)). Couldn’t be happier. First time NAS user.
My problem is this:
The capacity in the dashboard says I have only 348GB (of 4TB capacity) left but when I go into network shares on my PC it says that I am only using 2,55TB (see picture)
For what I have found out, that when I delete (just using delete button) the files stay a period of days (depends on subscription, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days) on the disk if I don’t have the recycle bin enabled.
I didn’t have the recycle bin enabled until I read this (yesterday :slight_smile: )
So my question is this:

  • Can I find the deleted files that are taking up place on the disks and permanently delete them to free up storage or do I have to wait for the files to automatically delete from the disks.

I maybe misunderstanding all of this but all the help you can give me (or just send me a link where this has been discussed) is much appreciated.


You could refer to the following links: