WD Sync Creating Extra Data? Ghost Files?

I have a PR2100 that I mostly use for PLEX - it has 2x 3TB red drives in it.
I recently noticed that it is FULL - I mean right to the top.
Strange, because I haven’t filled it yet.
I have WD sync running at my work to send all of my computer info and back it up on the PR2100.
Now, I know that WD sync is buggy AND people dont like to use it AND it is a sync program and not a backup program…
But the folders in my computer are both under 25GB and the drive currently has around 1.8TB used for backups.
I am trying to find out what is using all that space and clean it up.
The remote access ■■■■■ - cant see anything.
The local access isnt much better.

Anyone have this problem?
Anyone help out?
Is there multiple versions of files hidden somewhere because of the sync feature?


Not sure, didnt know anything about that - could that be full of ■■■■ that I cant see?

I started out with 2.9TB free - so there wasnt much stuff taking up the room.
It just seems to have something to do with this sync - all of the sudden lots of the space was gone.
You cant do anything to the drive remotely - Cant even find out how big certain folders are in size.

I will dig when I get home and see if I can find the bin.

Anyone else experience something like this?