PR2100 My cloud with new firmware - MP4 can’t play on IOS devices

After updated the firmware of PR2100 to 5.14.105, I noticed that roughly 80% of videos in MP4 format wouldn’t play on IOS devices. At first, I thought that IOS 14.6 was the culprit but I have another Apple device with 14.5, it acted the same. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Have you checked in the sub-forum for your device?

@Andrew-N I recommend contacting support and provide the following information:

  • system logs from your My Cloud device
  • iOS mobile app logs
  • make, model and version of IOS
  • if the Mobile App Connection Status (IE: local, remote or proxy)
  • sample of a few of the mp4 files that do not play
  • screenshot of the issue you have during the time of playback

A case already opened with wd, 210616-001026.