PR2100 issues

Greetings. I recently bought a PR2100. I went through the setup, then attached a couple of drives to the USB Copy port on the front and copied them. When I go online to mycloudpr2100.local the Dashboard shows data is on the drive. When I open Finder on my MacBook Pro, it shows the MyCloudPR2100 under locations and says, “Connected as:…” and shows my name. There are three folders, Public, Smart Ware and Time Machine. When I click on any of these folders, I get a message that reads: “The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “Public” can’t be found.” I have connected my MBP via USB cable to the PR2100 and it shows up, but nothing happens when I click on a folder. I went online to and was able to see the contents once. I haven’t been able to connect since unless I reboot every time I want to check the contents. Maybe I didn’t understand what it does, I bought it to back up files and access them when I need to.
So… my question is, how do I use this thing? How do I access the files on my PR2100?

If you were using Windows, you could open up file explorer and type \TheDeviceName or \TheDeviceIP when connected on the same local network. Once you confirmed the right information you could map the drive, or just make a shortcut to \thedevice.

NOTE: The forum strips one of the backslashes. So where there is 1 \ in front of the name/ip in the notes above… it should be 2.

I am unfamiliar with Mac, but you should be able to connect in a similar way. If not the same way.

This would enable local access. It could work remote if connected by VPN.

Check your other thread for links.

Thanks! I appreciate the help. Still not able to see or work with what’s on my PR2100. It’s turning out to be just an expensive paper weight.