Power Supply failure messages

I am having the same problem started today.
Am on version 2.10.310 (firmware update was done 19th october).

Yesterday I had already had a problem with the MyCloud EX2 nog shutting down…
I’m starting to regret buying a WD again (had a MyBook Live before - Disc died), nothing but problems :frowning:

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I am having the same problem started today
my nas my cloud ex4, failed, ps1

is the firmware ugrade the problem???

anybody ??? what says wd?

Once I removed the external USB drive (WD 6TB MyBook, USB 3.0) from the NAS it has been stable. With an external drive attached it totally goes haywire. It appears to be an issue, possibly firmware, when the external drive is attached.

I have had the exact issue as described here. FW 2.10.310 is loaded. Upon reboot, I got the Power Supply 1 failure message, however all drives and diagnostics report healthy. CPU spikes at 92% with no cloud access or backups running. At times I can access the dashboard, but logging our and trying again, the IP address is unresponsive except to a ping. Interestingly enough, upon a reboot, I can back up the files fine. After this FW update, backup performance seemed consistently speedy, however, dashboard performance is sluggish since the change to the new skin.

I have recently disconnected the external USB, per a recent recommendation, but the power supply message persists. I have change plugs, supplies and both run fine. The message still persists.

I believe that there are bugs in thsi FW and really need WD to retest and provide an update. Till then, I’ll keep hobbling along. I bought this array specifically to NOT think about such care and feeding. Till this current FW was published, it was certainly the proverbial black box. WD, please step up, investigate and issue an update!

I believe this issue is tied to FW 2.10.310.

I have FW 2.10.310 and the same issue happened to me. The drive was unresponsive to everything except a ping. After multiple restarts the dashboard loaded and I was able to restore an older firmware (FW 1.04.05)

After restoring the older firmware and recreating the existing share names, everything worked fine.

WD say something please!!! this error…

El firmware
still have troubles

Sorry that you are experiencing same issue. It will drive you nuts.

However, I found that once I had access via browser access, shutting down the unit, waiting a few minutes, and repowering seemed to correct everything.

I’ve only seen the error once since posting last time on this thread.

thank for reply harley, but in wich part you do the power off??
do you hace the link? i cant find …


I just insert IP address of the NAS in a web browser and execute the browser that IP address. You should see a login screen appear. Hope that works for you as it did for me.

WD storage systems are nothing but one problem after another. Why do I keep buying them. No more