Power Supply Error Message

I just received the following error message on my EX2. Should I be concerned? When I check the device everything looks great and it is reporting as healthy when I logged in to check.


Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudEX2 .

Event title:Power Supply Failure

Event description:Power supply failed. Check power supply.


Event code:1022

Event time:10-30-2015 04:53:22 PM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

Event title:Media Scan Stopped

Event description:The device stopped scanning your media. As a result, some thumbnails will not display when you access them remotely. To resume scanning, please restart your WD My Cloud system.


Event code:2300

Event time:10-23-2015 03:13:31 AM

Firmware version: 2.10.310

Hi there,

When you reboot the device, do you get the same message again from the unit?