Update on Power Supply Failure msg Event Code 1022

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Update: Power Supply Failure message after FW update 2.10.310 appears to be a false positive !

Called WD support this morning:
Tech Cust Serv Rep advised me that this is a known problem (I assume known to be a bug in last FW release 2.10.310). He also advised me that if all other unit status reports are OK or normal then the unit is NOT failing.
FW coding team is working on a solution and there will be a new FW release imminent (but relase date not given).

Summary of my occurrence of this Alert:
-On my EX2 unit the first indication of this message I had was a steady RED light on the Front Panel Power LED.
-The Alert icon (Bell symbol) on web control panel reports as Alert - Power Supply Failure giving the date and time it was recently rebooted or powered up.
-After all reboots or power-down-power-up cycles of the unit the power LED goes from flashing BLUE to steady RED.
-All other unit/drive/disk status reports from web control panel show OK or Normal.

This new change in behaviour, status of power LED light and Alert message seems to coincide exactly with FW update 2.10.310 (I have Auto Update-ON) that was applied to this unit on Oct 27, 2015.

I feel better now with that info; I feared the Alert was NOT a false positive and the unit was ramping up to have a catastrophic power supply component failure rendering my two 2TB Red drives inaccessible. Just lost an infamous Seagate 1TB 7200.11 drive and all it’s data so was hoping some nasty version of an Inverse Moore’s Law (every two years your access to your data is cut by 1/2) was hitting me.


Thanks for sharing your experience, good to know that you got a response from support about this. Hopefully this is fixed on a future update.