Power shuts off even when connected to mycloud

My 4tb mycloud keeps turning off after a few hours and can no longer be connected to by my pc, windows tablet or phone every time.  I have a wdlivetv on the same network and as long as the livetv device is online the mycloud will stay up.

Things that I’ve noticed that are

  1. the drive will turn off even while I am watching a video or listening to music on anythng but the wd livetv

  2. the only way I can wake up the nas is to turn in my livetv, otherwise the led is not on in the front and trying to get to the web management page times out.  Access the drive from any device including from the wd remote access site does not wake up the device.

  3. pausing a video or song being played from the device will keep it on.

I have the latest firmware and nothing if note in the notifcations.

I’m not sure how to fix this and I am really frustrated since the device keeps turning off right when I need it.

Are any of the 3 LEDs on or blinking? If so please provide details

if it is truly turning off this does not make any sense at all and you probably need to contact WD support for help

I am not familier with the wdlivetv. Does it have a power outlet on it? If so is the mycloud plugged into it?

LEDS all turn off and the mycloud is plugged directly into the wall power outlet.  Guess I got the bad unit from what you are saying.

Try to relocate the power adapter to a different wall power outlet, preferably non-shared. For troubleshooting purposes, remove any USB device attached to your WDMyCloud if any. You might have a bad power adapter.