WD MyCloud randomly not responding every few hours

Every few hours I need to unplug my My Cloud and plug it back in. It does not respond over \lmgnnas or \ \

More information would be helpful. What version of My Cloud do you have? What color are the lights on the front and back?
How is it connected.

And what OS are you running? Windows (7, 8.1 10 etc.) or OS X?

Windows 10.

It’s a 4TB version and the lights are off. It is plugged into my router with the supplied Ethernet cable, and it is plugged into 2 powerstrips with the included power adapter, there is also a My Passport 2TB pugged into the back.

What “lights” are off? The LED on the front? The LED’s on the back networking port?

The front LED light should be blue when the unit is properly operating and when in sleep mode will slowly pulse blue (at least for the v4.x firmware My Clouds). If NO LED lights are on both front and back that might indicate a power issue either with My Cloud power adapter, the power strip/plug the My Cloud is plugged into or a failure of the My Cloud internal back plane motherboard that the internal hard drive is attached too.

there’s an option in settings to turn off the front led. and the
ethernet lights are solid.