My WD Cloud turns off automatically

Hi guys… I have a 2TB my cloud. When I switch ON the deivce, i see yellow orange light, and after some time device switches OFF. I dont see the blue light after booting. I have setup shutdown notification email alert when it was working. So, i receive the notification email that system has crashed (after restarting).

I have tried 40sec reset, and still no luck.

Is unbricking the only option?

Any advice is helpful. Thank in advance.

How old is your My Cloud, is it a 1st generation, firmware 04.xx.xx? If it is the blue LED may no longer work.

I remember updating OS few months back, and its upto date, but dont remember the version.
My device model is WDBCTL0020HWT, believe is a bought sometime in 2014… After searching more… I understand that this is Gen 1 device.

Didnt understand your comment “If it is the blue LED may no longer work.”. Do you mean, if blue light is gone, its not possible to bring up the device at any cost? But, I know its is booting to a point where it can send emails, so, I believe something is not right only at the end part of booting.

Also is there a way to connect to a monitor and see boot log or error… like a linux boot shows up on the monitor?

I have a 1st generation My Cloud and the blue LED has been out for several months now but the LED’s on the rear still work to show that it is connected to my network and still working.

What are the LED’s on the rear of yours doing?

I dont see any LEDs on the back.
I cannot access my drive too.

Looks like I need open and first take backup all my data, and start doing experiments on it.

It would be helpful if anyone has come up with steps to connect it to monitor to see boot log on screen.

Is this the type of device you have? WDMyCloud

If it is then the back will have LED’s, maybe yours is not working. The following comes from the User Manual.
Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


How is your device connected to your router? Have you checked the cable and connections?