Power cord voltage of WD My Book & My Book Essential

Hi there,
I mistakenly threw away the 2 power cords (DCIN) for my portable hard drives. I still have the USB connectors, but they don’t work without a power source.
I bought a multi-voltage switchmode AC adaptor from Jaycar, however I don’t know which voltage to use. I have attached 2 pictures showing the information of the hard drives (they are around 10 years old).
I am in Australia (not sure whether that is a significant fact - an IT numpty here!).
Can anyone advise me? Thank you.

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Hi @chel,

Please contact the respective WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thank you for your help, I will try that line of investigation.

I’m 99% it is a 12v 1.5A - 2A. I have same issue. I was extremely disappointed & surprised when I could not locate the power voltage & amps on the device, not on the box, nor the manual, nor anywhere easily online.

I tried finding videos on YouTube, etc. with the HD (esp., ‘Unboxing Vids’) & paused to read the power plug that came with the original item. Even the power plug company name will give a clue to which power plug is a match, if you still have it mixed in somewhere. I also searched eBay, etc. to find a replacement power pack, which also indicated the specs overview for the device you are looking to satisfy.

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