Possible workaround for useless iphone app?

I have no luck at all connecting to my Mycloud using the iPhone app I just downloaded and installed. It might as well be a screen door in a submarine for all the help it’s giving me, moving pics from my phone to mycloud!

Is there a workaround at all? Perhaps just connecting the phone via a USB cable to the USB port on the back of the Mycloud device itself?

If I can’t move pics from the phone to Mycloud and eventually from iCloud to the Mycloud, I might as well take this thing back to Best Buy where I bought it!

Most all here have no problem using the My Cloud APP to connect to the My Cloud device. Have you a copy of the complete user manual of your MC device?

You, or your home network, or you configuration of your MC device have the issue, not the MC app. See if you have things set up correctly by checking the user manual.

Your suggestion of a workaround is unnecessary and way off base.

Yes I have RTFMed!!! Over and over.

I have no trouble at all–now, after having had tons of trouble–connecting
and using my MC normally from my desktop. I’m well aware the issue is with
my network. That’s what I was hoping to get help with when I wrote my

Sorry for being “way off base” sir, but I’ve had nothing but trouble making
this thing work and I was hoping for some HELP!

Sorry for bothering you.

Maybe you should tone down the intensity of your requests, show some patience, and people may be more inclined to help. This is a USER to USER forum.

I also replied (with a solution) of why you have issues uploading yor iPhone photos in another message. BTW, the “problem” rests with Apple’s iGadgets, not WD, so you don’t even know who to be angry with!.

Point taken.

Are you getting all your issues resolved?

I think so as far as the my cloud is concerned. I still can’t understand
why I should have to stick a paper clip in the reset hole to make it work
but that did it, I think.

My issue now is with apple and ios9. They did away with the camera roll
which means I can’t easily upload the entire inventory of pics on my phone
even though I can now access where I want to put them on My cloud! It’s
always something!

Huh? Camera Roll is still on my iPhone (running v10xxx FW). What are you referring to exactly?

Wonder why you needed to reboot your MC device. Saw you post about cloud access. Does it work from My Cloud phone app? I do not access my NAS from PC and never have used mycloud.com, so no help from me here. Others do, so they may help.