I Give Up

Cannot get the iphone mobile app to connect when outside my home network. Read through every suggestion and related posts here but no success. I get the “Device Offline” “WDMyCloud is not accessible. local documents are available” message every time I try to connect using my Phone 4G LTE.

Connects fine when on my home WiFi.

I have tried everything including a full restore of the drive. Set up port forwarding (Which the Mycloud control panel says is working (not in relay). Uninstalled, reinstalled, Turned sharing off and on. I have done every suggestion here, with no luck.

When I saw that the new firmware was supposed to address this issue I had hopes for a fix, but that did nothing. Still no remote access via the Iphone app.

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Been having the exact same issue. Gave up in the end and downloaded an from client on my iPhone.

Not enough info – what device are you trying to connect to via internet?

This has been an unresolved issue for over a year now and WD is clueless when asked what causes it. One moment everything is working fine, and the next it won’t connect and says “Device Offline”.  An hour later, it suddenly connects again. There devices consistently jump between port forwarding and relay mode and the customers are left wondering why we bought these products in the first place.

The fact that unresolved threads like this continue on for weeks, months and years without a single one of thousands of WD employees attempting to offer assistance should tell you how little WD cares about you. If you are unhappy with their products due to the inability of their product to work consistently, you are surely entitled to a complete refund. I’m having the same problem and have totally given up wasting time requesting help from WD.  As soon as I can find an alternative solution for my storage needs, I will dump WD products forever.  WD is alienating their customers one forum thread at a time.

As I asked the first person – what WD device are you trying to connect to?  Are you trying to connect thru the internet?

I am another user, and My Cloud works fime for me, so maybe I can assist?  For example, these WD devices can go into a sleep mode if they haven’t been accessed recently, and it takes a few moments to wake them up.

If you ever do find a solution please reply to this because I am having the same problem, although with me it the WD2Go app sometimes says remote access is disabled even though it isn’t. Other times it just says the device is offline.

Guys, whenever I get a message like :   “WDMyCloud is not accessible. local documents are available”  accessing My Passport Wireless drive with My Cloud, I wait a moment and try again.  It might clear up, if not, I reboot the MPW and often the phone and restart the app.  Try these suggestions.