Possible to Add Another My Cloud Home to Plex Server?

Out of curiosity, if I ran out of storage on the current My Cloud Home on which I have a plex server set up, would I be able to simply add a new My Cloud Home to increase the storage, but be based on the original plex server? Or would I have to, essentially, set up a new server for the new My Cloud Home and run them together?

Maybe on idea.

  1. Buy a MCH
  2. SMB from Plex to public folder on the new MCH. (if possible)

Since the second MCH device has a Plex server built-in, Plex would most likely interpret this as adding a new server to your account. You could try to not enable the Plex Server on the second MCH, but given that the MCH version of Plex can only see the files inside the “Shared” folders generated by the MCH, you would probably need to enable the Plex Server on the second MCH (referred to as MCH2 from here on) device just to give the original MCH (referred to as MCH1 from here on) something to see in the MCH2, however since this is all Plex things that we’re dealing with there’s a good chance that having MCH1 and MCH2 on the same network might allow the Plex server in MCH1 to notice and activate the Plex Server in MCH2 automatically. And this is all without even taking into account the whole issue regarding how you can’t sign on to multiple MCH devices with the same email account. Or how your computer and router will react to having 2 MCH devices on the same network since (on Windows at least) WD Discovery really wants to always map the MCH to the Z Drive and the Plex Servers (and the MCH itself) will automatically try to set up the same ports on the router via UPnP. So we’d have 2 devices associated with different email credentials, trying to run servers that are connected to the one email account, while mapping themselves to the same drive letter on your computer and open the same ports on your router, and if SMB is enabled then we’ll also have two devices trying to set up identical domains to share the Public folder which effectively will create two global “Everyone” and “Guest” accounts and groups on the same computer…

You could very well tear a hole in the fabric of reality, erasing all existence as entire dimensions collapse into void, or you’ll just get an error message and have to reboot your computer.

Best not chance it, maybe try Kodi instead. :wink: