Pls help urgent : I have 1.03.43_V and device didn't roll back or update

3 months ago I load  beta ver. 1.03.43_V .

When I tried update new version device say " There is no update version "

After I tried roll back but it didn’t  and after I push reset button on left side.

But it didnn’ work too. Please help me What can I do 

I am assuming that since you have the _V version, that you have a WD TV Live. If that is true, go to this web page and download the 1.04.31_V firmware. Then follow the directions on that page to install it.

WD TV Live Update

Basically, you download the file, unzip it, put the .BIN, .VER, and .FFF files in the root directory of a portable USB drive. Then plug the USB drive into the WD TV Live and go to the Settings screen. You should see the new firmware found icon.

Thanks for reply.

I tried everthing but it didn’t change.

Last time I will try to connect network via ethernet line.

Because I tried many times with usb.  

What it means “_V” extension.

V is short for VILLA which is the WD codename for the LIVE.
B is short for BUNGALOW which is the LIVE PLUS.

wizardthering, There are 2 different firmwares, one for the live, and one for the Live Plus, as TonyPh12345 said, the Live firmware ends with _V, and the Live Plus firmware ends with _B. You have to use the correct version for your device. If you try to use the wrong version it will not install. The link that I gave you above was for the WD Live. If you have a Live Plus, then you have to use this version:

WD Live Plus Firmware

If you are using the correct version of the firmware and it still won’t install, you can try one other thing. After you un-zip the firmware file, use a regular text editor, like Notepad, to open the .ver file. In there you will see a line that says: VERSION=‘1.05.04_V’. Change the version number in the file to 2.05.04_V, then try to install from the USB drive. The firmware will not install unless it thinks that it is newer, and this will trick the installer into thinking that the firmware is a newer version.