Cant update firmware via usb?

I bought 2 of these units from ebay. both of them came in boxes marked live plus and were sold as live plus but when I set them up the sys info says they are live per the model number. I wanted to try a firm ware upgrade and decided to do it via usb so I downloaded the most recent firmware and then put it on a clean usb stick and inserted it. When I go to firmware upgrade it just says firmware is most recent. it doesnt give me an option to look at the drive or force an upgrade or for that matter force a downgrade. Is there something I am not seeing ro am doing wrong?


 Bill B

Well, since you actually have LIVEs, are you using the correct firmware for the LIVE, not the PLUS?    LIVE firmware ends in _V,  PLUS firmware ends in _B.

You didn’t get what was advertised so you might want to think about returning them. The Live and Live Plus are very similar, except that the Plus has Netflix. If you don’t care about Netflix you can keep them, but the seller is getting away with false advertising and you did not get what you paid for.

BTW, the latest firmware for the Live is 1.04.10_V. If you already have that, then the box will not try to update it.

the seller and I are in communication right now about it. I do have an xbox for the netflix so if that is the only difference than I might just keep these and get some kind of compensation for them. 

As far as the firmware, I did download the V version. but the version shwoing is the current versionso that must be why it is not asking to force an update. but how would you revert to an older firmware then if you cant just tell it to do an update? Or does it only give you that option if the firmware is other than what is istalled?

 thanks for the quick replies btw


There’s a KB article in the support section that explains how to back rev the firmware. Search for ROLLBACK in the knowledge base.

The whole reason I started to look at firmware was because I thought netflix was missing because they were supposed to be live plus…so if I have the most recent, and I have no problems with the unit I should leave well enough alone unless I have some issues. I did have 1 issue after using a few days. it started to tell me it couldnt read that format for everything I was trying to play. I ended up restoring to factory defaults and it corrected it.

 SO, I will mark that as resolved. thank you again for the replies. IT is always nice to go a new forum and get quick response.

 Bill B