To update or not to update, that is the ques... 1.03.29_b on a Live Plus

Ok, so I’m using a Live Plus with firmware 1.03.29_B  and I do not ever plan to use netflix. Is there any reason not to try the firmware beta 1.03.38?  

The biggest reason not to try the .38 beta firmware is that it’s for the WD TV Live and won’t install on the WD TV Live Plus.  ;)


In general, however, the thing you always have to ask yourself for any new update (that you CAN update to :>) is whether things are broken or not now for you.  The rule of thumb is to not fix things which aren’t broken.

When updates are pushed out to you (and you get messages there is an update there so you need to go past it in order to work) the only problem with that approach is that you get “nagged” all the time, and that might be reason alone to update.  But I usually try not to update when things are just fine otherwise.