Plex why does unistallling the app not remove all the information

Hi since upgrading to OS5 on my WDMirrorGen 2 I have had issues with Plex.

I have uninstalled the app cleared services but it seems that part of the app or some “files” is still being stored on the NAS as Plex still remembers libraries that I have set up. Plex reads the NAS but does not seem able to display the contents of the libraries.

Plex are saying it is an issue with the NAS and not my win 10 laptop - I do not want to wipe the NAS (its is set as Raid and is 1TB a raid) as have no other external drive to copy the data onto.

any help gratefully received

@16fairfield Please follow the below KBA and retest it.

Hi many thanks for getting back. Have tried but it did not appear to work. One question the commands in the following are they added one by one which i did or as a block ? I will have another go later tonight or tomorrow morning and feedback again.

  1. Issue the following commands to delete the entire Plex Media Server configuration

IMPORTANT\ 35pxx45px Important:

rm -rf (Recursive Force) will permanently delete the file / directory and all sub directories.
The deletion cannot be undone.

cd /mnt/HD/HD_a2
rm -rf plex_conf
cd Nas_Prog
rm -rf plex_conf
rm -rf plexmediaserver

You may want to see if anyone in the dedicated OS5 Mirror subforum can help if the Knowedgebase article doesn’t help/work.

Hi many thanks for responding. The above method solved the issue once I put the SSH “code” in PuTTY correctly , it also cleared stuff off the NAS as there was more space after it removed the residual stuff left after uninstalling Plex. I appear to have lost nothing of importance from my NAS and Plex now seems to be working and creating a library of music.

Have retried and entered the SSH “code” in 1 go it took most of it then needed to add the last 2 lines. It seems to have worked and Plex is now reinstalled and had no residual libraries.

many thanks for finding that article - unsure why I didnt get it I searched or so i thought for Plex both on here and Google.

cheers again :grinning: