Plex refuses connections

trying to get plex running on mypassport wireless pro – offline. configured plex itself as the many posts tell you to do, so that clients can connect without auth. While online, I authorized the entire subnet of for that particular plex server.

client is roku at but plex running on refuses to connect (sometimes), even when using the “media–>configure” admin interface of the wireless pro.

the only fix (when this happens) is to log into the WD admin interface (not plex) and bounce the server (turn plex streaming off and then back on).

what am I missing?

Hi @dlleno,

Please refer below link to check Plex Error Message “Media Not Found”:

Thanks as a last resort I did suspect corruption and reset the plex db

However the problem itself occurred after resetting the db… I had just finished a four day build of thumbnails so it sounds like the corruption happened during that process.

I didn’t build thumbnails this time and its been working for two days