Plex 4K Direct Play Buffering

Hey all

Fairly new to the PR4100 but loving it so far it’s really quiet a powerful little unit.

The issue I’m having is with Plex and direct play 4K. For some reason or another when trying to playback a 4K video on either of my Xbox ones or a Samsung smart tv it keeps buffering. I’m not trying to transcode just play it as is since it’s on my home network.

When I try this on my iPhone XS Max it seems to work totally fine.

It’s my understanding that this NAS should have no issues with this so it must be a setting somewhere.

Edit: I should also mention I was not having this issue when running the server of my desktop computer.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as I would love to get this fixed.

Thanks I’m advanced for any help!

It’s recommended to use a wired connection. You can use Tautulli to ensure you’re not transcoding… the PR4100 does not support (10bit) HEVC transcoding.
Eventually I’d look on the plex forums for more help.

You can use the /usr/bin/top command in SSH to check processor load.