Using PLEX on EX4100 has high CPU usage and poor streaming performance

Help please!

I’m having problems with streaming movies using PLEX running on an EX4100.
The CPU utilisation is very high and the movie keeps stopping (almost as if it is buffering). Memory and bandwidth usage are low however. Also, there is plenty of room on the array. Pretty sure I’m running latest firmware as well.

Any ideas anyone?


Hello matthewfenn,

I would suggest you to run diagnostic test on the device to isolate the issue.

Refer the link mentioned below for more information.

Hi Matthew,
I have the same issues, it seems this model isn’t powerful enough to stream using the plex app on the NAS. My workaround is to use a pc as a proxy and the EX4100 only for storage… PR4100 is the way to go if you stay with the WD products…