Please help with desktop setup


I have a 2tb my book live.

I have owned it for about 1 year and I can not get it setup the way i would like.

  1. If i mount my public share to my desktop PC, upon restarting the computer it is gone from ‘My Computer’ and i have to navigate to Network and re-mount it.

  2. I have created private folders (drives) on the drive, but i can’t see any option to mount these to my desktop PC either.

  3. My PC often forgot the login credials for the drive but i have sorted this now by setting them in the credentials mangment - However download applications still need the creditals to access the drive, which makes the application non responsive.

I have all the latest updates and firmware. I am on Win7 x64.

I would be VERY greatful for any help!

Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. When “mapping” the share, tell your PC to “reconnect at login.”

  2. You do it the same way you mount the Public share; just specify the sharename.

  3. Nothing much you can do about that unless you manually authenticate before you attempt to use the applications.