Please help WD Quickview has disappeared on my Mac

Hi all, i have only had my MyBookLive about a week, i switched my MacBookPro on today and found the little QuickView icon missing in the menu bar at the top of the screen !, this is the only way i can Shut Down my MyBookLive.

I quickly found my Install CD that came in the box my Drive came in, found the section where i installed QuickView from initially in the hope i could install it again, of course it tells me it is all ready installed !!!.

So please how can i find it again ?, or otherwise instally it again, maybe i somehow have to un-install it first !!

But above all, i wonder WHY it has gone from my Menu Bar. Is there any other way i can SHUT DOWN my Drive please.


Hey chaps i typed  “Quickview” into the search box , which is just below my Log In name above and lo and behold i found the answer all on my OWN, why couldnt i think of doing that before i did ths post ?.

I cant delete it now or mark it as answered LOL.

thanks for looking anyway.