Please help MBLD wont boot and seems empty

Hi All,

I really hope someone can help, I am freaking out slightly. MyBook Live Duo that i’ve had for a decent while won’t boot up. It seemed to fall off the network a few times recently, and had to reboot through the admin web page. Then today it didnt come back. I left it for an hour or so, then turned it off and on. Still didn’t come back.

Have followed some advice here, I installed Linux Reader, plugged drive A into a PC, and the large partition where i’m assuming the data should be is /CacheVolume. But it is totally blank. Got disk B, exactly the same. Blank.

I always thought I was covered having a RAID 1 setup. Whatever happened, it was the safest place for my data, as I have two copies.

Anyone else had this - please tell me it is just Linux Reader not being able to read it, and there is some other way of getting my data.

I noticed there was an advisory from WD saying a vulnerability could allow a hacker to factory reset the device and wipe your data. I really hope it isn’t that!! The free recovery offer has ended.

I really hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.


Ok, in case this helps others searching for the same problem, bottom line is Disk Internals Linux Reader does not work. Or at least it didn’t for me on Windows 10, it just showed the EXT4 partition as having no files. I downloaded Paragon Linux Reader instead, which just lets the drives appear under regular drive letters in Windows Explorer. All the files were there, and I can just copy them somewhere else.

I guess I will now attempt to follow the debrick instructions in case the hard power off caused corruption (I had waited over an hour! for it to restart via the console). However my MBLD isn’t even joining the network, so it may just be faulty.