Problem with my book live

my cat knocked the drive off of my comp. desk and hit the tile floor, and now it does not work. is there any way to pull the files off of it? The comp. does not see the drive, but when i get into the comp. management services window it does see the drive, but it says the drive is not initiated. I really need the files off of the drive. thanks

If the MBL is powering up and giving you an LED, then it’s doubtful.   With a physical shock, the HD is very likely destroyed rendering the MBL unable to boot up.

if it was powered on chances are the head is stuck to the platter and thats whats stopping the drive from spinning up

since the drive was toast, i pulled the drive from the closure and hooked it up to my comp. No luck there either. It’s looking like i’m out of luck. Thanks for the help guys.