MBLD not functioning due to reformatted drives

Hi All,

I recently picked up a used MBLD 6tb (2 x 3tb green drives).  The previous owner decided to format both drives in an attempt to secure his data.  All I have now is a steady yellow.  After searching the internet, it seems that the MBLD has the image written on the drive so the formatting must have erased the operating system.

A couple questions:

  1. Can I reimage the drives for the MBLD to work again?

  2. If I can borrow a drive from another MBLD owner, can I place it in the MBLD and have it reimage one of my drives if I can set it to raid-1?

Any advice or link is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



Thanks for the link.  When I looked at it, I didn’t realize it would apply to my situation.

I’ll give this a go.

Thank you!