Please help, cannot access MYCOUD on my pC

I have rebooted my Windows 10 PC and also RESTORED my WDMYCLOUD Drive. My issue is I cannot access my drive from my PC, it does not recognise it at all, I used to be able to simply drag and drop files onto it from the PC, but there is nothing there.
I have spent the last two nights trawling through WD support topics and YT videos oon how to change settings etc etc, but with no success. Cany anyone help me out im about to take a sledgehammer to it :wink:

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What do you mean by, RESTORED my WDMYCLOUD? Did you shut it down, unplug it and then plug it back in for a reboot or did you just reboot it? Are you able to open the Dashboard?

Have you already checked this?

Thanks for the replies, yes I can open the dashboard, all is ok on that (health and firmware).
And I have also made sure those SMB sharing support options are ticked, but still nothing

One could always just map My Cloud Shares using the IP address of the My Cloud since you can reach the My Cloud Dashboard.

One thing to check, ensure both the computer(s) and the My Cloud are using the same Network Workgroup Name. Typically the name is: WORKGROUP

Other troubleshooting steps. Try disabling any security/firewall software on the computer (if using it) and see if the issue persists.

Ensure the Windows computer network option is configured for Private and not Public. More suggestions can be found in the following link.