Windows unable to access wd my cloud

My WD My Cloud is shown in Windows Explorer under my local network on my desktop computer running Windows 10 Pro but when I click on it I get the following message. “Windows cannot access \ WDMYCLOUD” with an error code0x80070035
I have looked for a solution but so far none seem to work.
I can access my My Cloud from a laptop on the same home network so know that it isn’t a problem with the My Cloud.
Windows has recently updated on my computer which I suspect is the issue.

Any solutions would be great.

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What “solutions” have you tried that failed to work?

Start, if you haven’t done so already, with making sure SMB1.0/CIFS is enabled in Windows. Microsoft typically disable s this setting in new Windows installs and through patch updates.

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10

Make sure the Network Profile in Windows 10 is set to Private and not Public.

As a troubleshooting step, disable any third party firewall/security/antivirus software or programs and see if the issue resolves itself.

Thanks but I have already checked that it is enabled which it is.

“error code 0x80070035” - Network path not found. Try mapping the drive manually:

\\wdmycloud\public (or any public folder)

Note the double backslash at the beginning.

Many thanks. Spent several hours this afternoon with a member of WD support team who went through numerous possible fixes none of which worked and has referred me to Microsoft.

Do you have a second computer that you can try - you shouldn’t be having this problem with Windows 10. What router are you using? What antivirus/firewall? What relevant network settings do you have in the MyCloud dashboard?

Good luck talking to an intelligent body at microsoft!

The computer is running Windows 10 Pro and it appears to be some sort of security setting that is not allowing access to WDMYCLOUD. It is connected direct to router via ether net. I have a laptop which is WiFi enabled and this has no issue. We connected MyCloud direct to computer with ethernet and it was found no problem. We went through all the published WD solutions many of which I had already tried. This issue appears to have started after a recent Windows update so suspect that is causing some sort of issue.


I have the very same problem. It is definitely the latest major windows 10 update that has caused this. Before the latest update it was necessary to turn on smb1 in order to view the NAS and then all was well. After checking if smb1 is still enabled post update it shows that it is and the registry edit allow unauthorised access is still set to 1, so in theory all should still be fine. However, due to the update, something beyond my knowledge has changed yet again and no access is given due to permissions. Now my laptop duel boots, so i tried connecting via my old windows 7 installation and it works just fine, no tinkering needed. It’s Microsoft’s fault but it should be WD who should be helping us to resolve it. So far neither are showing interest. Can anybody please offer any new solutions? Thank you.

Tend to agree with you. Spent some tome on a live chat with Microsoft but they couldn’t suggest a fix that worked either.

I added a second MycloudEX2ultra and can’t seem to get both of them connected to Win10-home at the same time. I power cycled the missing one and got it connected. Next day both invisible. Reboot and one was connected but not the other. I tried all the solutions I could find. This shouldn’t be happening!

Couple of suggestions, if you haven’t tried them already.

  • Make sure each My Cloud has a unique name.
  • Reserve an IP address in the network/router’s DHCP server for each My Cloud, or configure a static IP address for each My Cloud in the My Cloud Dashboard.
  • One may need to enable SMB1 and NLTMv1 in the My Cloud Dashboard > Network section.
  • One may also have to look into the local master browser on the local network to see if one or more devices are electing themselves as the local master browser. If the option is available in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network section one can experiment if turning on or off has any effect to the My Cloud not showing up on the local network.

Thanks for this list. I’d already enabled SMB1 in Windows (assume NLTMv1 is in same place). First thing I did when I managed to get a connection was rename the drives.

In the modem/router dashboard > Basic > Lan Setup > LAN DHCP Status: enabled > DHCP reservation - I reserved an IP address for the drive’s MAC address. It appears named unknown but I can live with that.

Local master browser is OFF.

At the moment I can use the new drive so unplugged the old one until I have more time. I ran a backup script and it logged connection errors on some files :frowning:

Update: I used the simpler “add DHCP-Reservation” in the modem dashboard. Just click “add” beside the device in the list of connected devices, then “Save”. A little patience was required for the changes to take effect. Today both drives appears under NETWORK and everything seems to be working properly!

Did you see my update on Oct. 10? Reserving IPs for both solved the problem.

IMHO Western Digital should setup these devices so they work out of the box. Buyers shouldn’t have to fiddle with router settings to get the drives to work properly. I’m a retired programmer so just spending time finding a fix is bloody annoying. Just sayin…

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