Wd Cloud not working please help

Hi everyone
Annoying problem
I have enjoyed wdcloud for a number of years now, then my PC died.

I purchased another and now need to reset up the access to the wdcloud account.

Have tried going to website and nothing is fixing the issue.

I can still access the user I created from my mobile, however the main admin to create users I can not retrieve from anywhere.

Please help

@Alcloud I take it you have a WD My Cloud and not a My Cloud Home since you say you have had it for several years. How do you have your My Cloud connected, is it to your router? What is the LED on the front doing and those on the back?

Are you on a Windows, Apple, Linux computer etc.

Have you rebooted your computer to see what happens?

If Windows does it show under File Explorer>Network? If not then see this and try it.