Playing AAC Audio?

I have my WD Live connected to A Bose Lifestyle ssystem and I get no sound at all playing films with an AAC soundtrack. If I change the WD players setting to Stereo out rather than HDMI, then I get sound. IS there a firmware fix for this?


Similar problem here.  Watching Netflix with audio output set to “HDMI pass through”, I only get audio if the track is DD5.1, no audio when the movie track is in stereo.  The only way I can get it to work is to change the WDTV audio output setting to “Stereo”, which defeats the whole purpose of haveing my AV receiver with 5.1 speakers.

Yes, it **bleep**.  I have researched extensively and I’m not the only with this problem.  There is an issue with the WDTV Live SMP.  No help so far from WD.  No versions of firmware made any difference.  I substitude the player with an Apple TV 3 form another room and everything works as it should.  I’m getting very frustrated with this and will replace the WDTV with a Roku 2 XS soon.


2ch Netflix is just output as PCM. Does your system not allow PCM?

I’ve not ever had any problems with it…

Yes, my system can handle PCM, DD5.1, DTS, etc.  I have tried it with other media players with no problem.  Keeping everything the same (eg. same HDMI cable, etc), except for the media player.  So far, my HTPC, Apple TV3, Roku works, WDTV Live SMP doesn’t work.  Same setup, same Netflix account tested with the same movies.