MP4 or MKV files with AAC Audio

I have WDTV Live Streaming connected to my home audio systems.

There will be no sound output at all when I am playing MP4/MKV with AAC audio format.

What is wrong and how should I make it work?

I am having similar problems.  I believe mine are one of two issues.  (1) Something wrong with the encoding of the file (2) my Denon receiver is not recognizing the audio stream for what it is.  I know on one file I was able cycle through the options of my receiver until it recognized the signal and played it.

I’ll be watching this thread…I am interested in how this turns out.

Do you have AAC checked in the advanced setup of the WDTV?  See page 174 of user manual

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You should only “check” AAC if your receiver has an AAC-capable decoder.

Otherwise, it should be UNCHECKED, and then the WDTV will send 2.0 channel PCM instead.

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Also on the receiver, if it has an option set the Audio Input for the particulat input to Auto.

Have you tried to convert the video, to change the audio codec which friendly with your WDTV Live?

You can try this

$35 Payware ?  No Thanks

There’s plenty of FREE alternatives to convert AAC to AC3  *Google* is your friend

In my settings, it is UNCHECKED. And still no sound output at all.

What should I do? Make the settings to stereo or something?

yes … Uncheck “AAC Capable” and Select  “Stereo”

and if your AV receiver has a setting (mine does) for “Emulate” it will duplicate the 2 Ch Sound through all 5 Speakers (L,R,C,SR,SL,LFE)

have a play around with your AV receiver settings (consult the user manual if you need to)

Ok…I can tell you how I resolved this issue with my system.  It was the posts here that got me trying this.

I have a Denon 3806 receiver that is an incredible unit that I just love.  But it is a little long in the tooth these days.  It claims to decode AAC audio.  Yet every file I play with AAC is silent.  When I went into the WD TV Live menu as suggested and unchecked AAC Capable Receiver, everything played.  So either my Denon lies (it even has an indicator light on the panel for AAC) or I have something set wrong on the receiver.  It’s set to Auto, so not sure what could be wrong there.  I guess it’s possible AAC has changed since this receiver was built may years ago.

May be time for a new receiver.  This one has one of the earliest versions of HDMI ports made.  I hate to do it, but technology changes.  My new one will be Denon…I have never, ever had an issue with this unit.

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what i have done is hdmi out directly into my tv from the tv optical out to my old yamaha sound bar but check your video files there are programs that will give you info one the video files

i was having a simular issue mkv video with no audio while playing press the opption button goto audio make sure dts is selected or what ever audio shows up that should work