Resolved issue AAC and MP3 2CH audio outputs 7CH via HDMI pass-through to AV receiver

Since day one I have not been able to play a movie with an ACC audio stream without switching the box to stereo.  All other file types work fine over HDMI and my AV auto selects the correct codec.  I thought this up date was to fix this problem but still have to manually switch.  Could the problem be my receiver?

I found the solution and it appears that a number of people have this issue.  Try this:-

In  optical by pass, disable AAC then swith to HDMI only and disable AAC. Swith your AV to auto select or HDMI only and play youtube.  I got sound for the first time since I’ve had this box and without switching it to stereo.

Also played a movie with AAC and guess what, sound also.  Would like some feedback if this works for you.

So are you saying that when you used AUTO-DETECT, your system told the WD that it supports AAC, but it’s not working?

yep,  my receiver says it can handle AAC and the WD shows an AAC channel but when its checked in HDMI I was getting no sound on AAC streams.  I unchecked or dis-abled AAC in the WD and then got sound on both optical (if that was selected on the receiver) and sound via HDMI if that was selected.  I removed the optical link and I’m now using HDMI for everything.  Do not need to switch to stereo.