Player will not stop scanning disc

I have a TV HD Media Player (Gen 2) I have used a 500GB Pasport disc with it for the past year with no problems.

I have bought a 1tb Pasport to back my music up on. I have just over 500gb of music on the disc. Unfortunately all the Player does is scan the disc for files and then locks up after a few minutes.

Does anybody know how to overcome this problem or is it just a case of too many files for the player to cope with.

What Passport is it? Can you post the model number?

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Hi  it is a Passport PN WDBACX0010BBK-01

Hope this is what you need

That drive is too new to work on that media player, that’s the problem… You need the older USB 2.0 Passport to work on that media player…

Thanks very much for your help.

ThePizzaMatrix wrote:

…You need the older USB 2.0 Passport to work on that media player…

I doubt that.   The USB 3.0 devices from WD work fine with USB 2.0 masters.

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If that is the case is it just a matter of too many files for it to scan? 400gb of music is probably about 200,000 tracks. I tried loading it with the screensaver stopped but still get the same result. 

It’s a shame because I specifically bought the 1tb Passport so that I could backup all my photos, music and video on 1 disc so that I can use it with my laptop too.

If anyone else has any idea how to overcome this problem I will be most grateful.

That’s possible.

Try hiding most of the folders (which will make them unscanable) and see if the problem goes away.

To hide a folder from the WD’s scanner, just precede the folder name with a single “.” (decimal mark) such as

.My Music

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I can’t do that . Windows wants a filename before the “.” 

Only from Explorer… Command line won’t care… There’s other ways too, but right now I’m at a loss! :slight_smile: