WD media player has stopped recognising passport drives

have always had my media player hooked up to a passport drive with no issues, have 2 drives, one a 500g capacity and the other 1tb. recently the media player has stopped working with either of those drives. Initially it would switch itself off, then switch back on and load the contents ok. More recently when connected to either of the drives it switces itself off & then the power & loading lights appear to be flikering on the front of the console, or it just repeatedly switches itself on & pff with no apparent attempt to load the contents. However if I connect up a 32g usb flash drive it reads/loads/plays the contents ok. Would be grateful if anyone has the solution please!

Hello there, welcome to the community.

Which media player do you have? Do you have media library on? 

hi, thanks for reply. the player is WDTV HD Media Player model WD00AVP. Not sure what media library is, all I know is that for all the time I have had it until recently it has operated with both the passport drives I have without any issues.

Hi, check the connection to the media player, maybe a power cord issue.

Also connect one of the drives to a computer and make sure to set “Show hidden files and folders” on the computer, and you should see a “.WDTV” folder on the drive, delete this folder and try again.