WD Passport will no longer play Movies through my WD Media Player

I think I have accidentally deleted something from my passport when I was cleaning it up today because for some reason I can’t play movies from it through my WD media player on my TV anymore.

All the movie files are on both the passport (connected to the computer) and when it’s connected to the media player they come up on the TV screen but when I click on a movie title it just does the circle thingy like it’s searching for something.

I can’t copy all my files onto another form of backup because I don’t have anything big enough.

Help - I really don’t want to loose my Movies.

Please note: I am not a computer wiz so simple instructions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you…

Try to reset  your WD TV, it might not be an issue with the drive, but with your media player.

THAT WORKED!!! Thank you very much :slight_smile: