Pathetic Warranty replacement process

I have a 10 month old 8TB Purple drive that failed. I followed all the RMA processes for the return in Australia and then was floored by the length of time that WD thinks is acceptable for a replacement.
The drive was shipped by courier on 15/2/22 and was shown as delivered 17/2/22 to WD RMA depot.
Nothing heard, so I followed up on the 22/2/22 only to find that it takes 5 business days to notify of the drive being received. I then got an update that they had received the drive 24/2/22. I then waited patiently for another update, but a week later, nothing. So I contacted the chat support again 2/3/22 only to be told that drives take upto 15 days to be dispatched. Again, waited and then was contacted by WD 8/3/22 to be told they did not have the same model, and if it was ok to ship out a 8TB Pro model. I responded within 10mins of getting the email, but no further reply 2 days later.

This makes it 3 full weeks since they received the drive and I still do not have any ETA on when I will receive a new drive.

If I had known how poor the RMA process was, I would never have sold or recommended WD Drives. We have been installing a lot of Security NVR’s, all with WD Purple drives and this was the first failure (I guess this is a good thing), but the delays in getting a replacement is really unacceptable.

WD need to have a better level of service, as drive replacements are generally very time sensitive and a month to get a new one is UNACCEPTABLE.

Hi @Hotline,

Please refer to the link to check the RMA status:

I am well aware of this site and check it regularly. I am merely complaining about the massive length of time it is taking to get a faulty drive shipped out.

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