Password protected wd 1TB essentials ses driver and vcd issue

I was using mypassport essentials fine with no issues, until I faced a serous problem. i put a password on it and now when i connect it with my pc  or anyother laptop etc, its LED turns on but first it says that SES driver is not installed…although SES driver and WD smart ware both are installed…i re-installed them again n again but after installation of SES driver the VCD drive won’t mount,  it actually hangs at this point…smart ware says that disk health is gud but is password protected - I am unable to use the old unlock.exe option now as the drive doesnt shows up and when it does…IT HANGS.

Is there anyway I can download the VCD’s unlocker (unlock.exe) program to try to unlock my drive?  Tried most usual options like using original USB cables, changing USB ports, try on another PC etc, the drive just will not get detected / VCD won’t mount.  Only the LED is on, even the capacity gauge indicators are off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The unlocker mounts from the drive directly and can not be launched otherwise since it will not work

Try a different computer or different cable

thanks wizer for the help…BUT i have put a password on my “passport essentials 1TB” and UNLOCKER.EXE is not coming up when i connect it with my pc…for that matter with any pc or laptop…the LED turns ON (do not show any processing by blinking) and smartware says that “it is discovering the drive” BUT as it is locked so it cant discover it…any help plz.