Passport vs easystore vs elements vs?

I am in the need of a 4 TB portable external HD. I have been using Seagates but I am hearing/reading that WDs are more reliable.

I am trying to pick one but I am getting lost in the different versions that WD offers. What is the difference in all of them? Which is the best one to get? I don’t care about any software that might come with them because I will be manually managing my files. Reliability is the most important to me but I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars either.

Please help?!?

What I can tell you is that what you’ve been hearing/reading is true. Don’t get a Seagate. I have a 5 year old 3TB Seagate Expansion Drive that has been failing for a while now and the only reason it hasn’t completely failed is because I rarely use it and only connect it when I need to copy some things from it to another older and more reliable drive. A 500 GB iomega external from 2008. Those drives were so much better. And even then when I’m copying things from the piece of ■■■■ Seagate, it freezes and starts making these clicking sounds and I have to disconnect/connect it back to copy the files again. An excruciating process that takes several attempts. I even replaced the power adapter one time and that still didn’t fix the problem. It did for the iomega though when its power adapter failed and hasn’t failed again since. This is the reason I’m looking to replace that Seagate with a Western Digital (no power adapter) and see if it’s better/more reliable. I also read a lot of negative comments about the Seagate Backup Plus on Amazon.

I think the difference between the Passport and Elements has to do with encryption. As I hear, the Elements doesn’t have it. I don’t know what the easystore is.