Need advice on buying WD external hard drive

Hi, i want to ask advice on which WD ext HDD to buy…

I’m searching for a 2Tb ext HDD and after searching around, i decided to choose between :

  • WD my passport

  • WD my book essential

  • WD elements desktop

My question is, which one is more durable?

And also, what is the differences between a desktop and portable external HDD?

I will only use it for data storage purpose like keeping my videos, movies, pictures and such, not for backup purpose…

Oh, and i don’t like keeping it attached to my computer for too long, so when i’m done transferring data to or from my computer, i will detach it immediately from my computer…

I only has one 500Gb external HDD storage and it has work just fine for over 2 years, but it almost full and i decided to try WD for my next data storage…

Thanks :smiley:

It will depend on your needs.

If you are buying a drive to move files to different places or to use it with a laptop while you are not home, the best options is the WD My Passport.

If is a unit for home backup you can get any of then. However, the WD Elements does not comes with any backup software you will need to use a third party backup software.