Passport Ultra and Windows 10 Scheduler never works

Help please. I have a new laptop and a brand new WD Passport Ultra 1TB drive. It installed fine and Windows 10 recognizes it. No issues there. I can create manual backups successfully but nothing I do makes scheduled backups kickoff at the times I have listed. Daily at midnight. Nothing happens when the time comes. I just see a ‘missed backup’ when I go into the application the next day.

What is causing this? Last night I D/L the Smartware backup app but that works exactly the same. Manual backups work but not scheduled ones.!

I’m stumped and need to get this resolved.

Hi, does it work when is set to automatic? Is the computer sleeping at the moment you are trying to do the backup?

No that’s the point of the post. Scheduled backups don’t start and kickoff when they are supposed to. Even when the PC is not asleep.