Passport Pro, Plex says not enough space, but i have 3TB left

it says it has no space available, it wont upload custom posters or even connect to the server, matching is disabled. is there a limit on how much custom posters can you upload?

I know that this is an older post but thought I would share my solution to this problem.

I had this happen before. What I ended up having to do was to Restore Factory Settings using the “System Only” option in the http://mypassport/UI/

I guess that somehow some of the Plex databases got corrupted. After doing this I had to rescan all the library files but once everything was scanned, trash emptied, bundles emptied and database optimized…no more issues.

Hi there, I am having a similar problem!!! I have recently purchased a 4TB My Passport WD a month ago. I am trying to save file and its saying I do not have enough space on my portable external drive. So when I Check it shows that I have a 32 GB, so I thought that this might be a joke. So I thought if i can format the My Passport, and tried every other way to reset it but it still shows that I have 32GB. Is there anyway I could get this sorted because I paid alot of money for. Any help would be much appreciated.

akili…are you saying that when you checked the Explorer properties of your 4TB that there was only 32GB Free space out of the almost 4TB?..Looks like you’ve got other stuff on that drive.

  • rt mouse the drive to properties and expand each of the folders to see what is stored
  • or, just open the drive and drill down each of the folder to see
  • get the Free version of Treesize…an pgm that show the sizes and # or files in your directory Tree. After you run, you can expand the tree structure.

howaboutme… thank you for the advice
I downloaded the Free version Tree size, it shows as well i got 31.9 GB free space
I do not know what else to do

akili…take a deep breath…lets try.

  • if you still have your Treesize tree up…expand each of the folders, one at the time…looking for what folder names and contents and sizes…looking for folders that have excessive files and numbers.
  • OR, you could open an Win Explorer window to actually view and expand each tree folder. Use cntl-n to create a 2nd folder so you can compare.
  • you have some serious stuff in your folders…BUT Wait…didn’t you say that you just recently got the New 4TB drive…and this is the first time that you’ve looked at the contents or overall space? Kinda strange.
  • now if the drive has got somebody else’s stuff…you got a Used drive…if it’s all your stuff, then you need to take inventory to see what happened. Like, did you by mistake drag/drop or copy/paste items there?? Maybe, were you using Backup…if so, you should see a folder called WD Backup.swstor…