MyPassport wireless pro 2TB - Wrong capacity recognized

I have 2 TB My Passport wireless, firmware version 1.02.24 installed in March 2017. In Dashboard and in My Cloud app, the capacity showed is 2TB BUT free space of stora is 3.98. HOW IS IT POSSIBILE?
Moreover, total size of stored photos is double. I have 11 file .jpg, 0,5 Mb each but totale size showed is 11 Mb instead about 6 MB .

I’m able to transfer photos in raw format (Canon .cr2) from USB reader with compact flash card into MyPassport storage BUT “my Cloud app” and desktop Dashboard are not able to show them (by Plex App all is ok).

Is possible to updat My Cloud app to recognize also RAW files?


EDIT: I erased this post because I did not notice that you said you have the ‘Pro’ version. The information that I posted was incorrect for the Pro version, so I erased it. Sorry!

I have the same problem. My 2Tb recognized as 3Tb.
Tech support recommended me to do factory reset.

I did not do factory reset, because I have no free space to make 2Tb backup.

A factory reset does not delete user data. You do a system restore only. Afterward, you will need to set up MPW as when new again.

G_Rayn user suggest:

I would recommend that you back up your data, connect the drive via USB to your computer and write zeros on the drive using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic in order to initialize the drive on GPT (GUID Partition Table). For this, take a look at the article below:

Once you have initialized the drive, perform a “System and Disk” restore from the dashboard.

I’ll Try it.

I have understood why showed file size and capacity of hard disk is double. MyPassport pro is formatted in exFat mode and on internet I have found that:

exFat Limits: No realistic file-size or partition-size limits

In this case, file size is no realistic. we should format hard disk in NTFS mode


The MPW is formatted by WD to be exFAT for a reason: drive works on both Windows and Mac computers. So, do not reformat the MPW, also because file size limitations are not present; movie files have the room they need to be on disk or flash drive…

Here is an article for why ALL drives ought to be formatted as exFAT.

Ok Mike, I understand about advantages of exFat but now I have this problem: file size that I stored on MPW is SHOWED as double! If i store a 1Mb jpg file, it really is 1 Mb of space BUT My cloud and Dashboard shows 2 Mb.
Also the free space of MPW that My cloud and dashboard show is 3,98 TB and not 2 TB. Why?

It’s not a big problem because I divide /2 and i have the correct space. but I would understand why and if possible to solve this problem.
I use windows 10.

Thanks for your support.


The capacity of any drive is a rounded off number, so an empty 2TB drive will not show 2TB exactly, which it is in your case of the MPW. I have no idea why your photo is doubled in size. Check with WD Support for more assistance.

Seems like the indexer on your device is confused. I recommend try doing scandisk first to ensure file system is still intact and do a factory reset (not deleting your personal data), which should reset the indexer. If problem remains, please contact the WD Support team for further assistance.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll try it.

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