Passing files from Public folder to Private folder

Hi. I made a copy of files from my old WD My Cloud to my new My Cloud Home and had to pass them with SafePoint to the Public folder of my MyCloudHome, now I want to pass some files (2TB in total) to the private folders of MyCloudHome, in order to see them online with the applications.
The problem is that when going to the Public directory, selecting the files and copying them to private folders, it takes a long time and should not be because they are on the same disk. I think they are moving from mycloud to pc and from pc to mycloud.
How can I make the files faster?
Thank you.


The article at the bottom of this statement explains the permanence of the Private Space.
Also, the data transfer from Public Share to the Private User Space travels using the following path where the Call Back File System, indexing and thumbnail generations creates the bottleneck.

MCH Public Share -> Windows Samba (SMB)-> Your Computer -> Call Back File System (CBFS) -> Private User Space