My Cloud Home Transfer Speeds - Share VS Private (cloud) Folder


New owner of this Cloud Home series NAS.
Previous owner of many of the previous Wd My Cloud NAS.

I’ve got very confused by the fact that the drive has no local web interface or ssh/ftp features.
Then I found that you cannot create folders as the old My Cloud models and mount them (MAP). (wtf serious now?)

Then I found that private user folders needs internet connection for authentication.
THEN I found you can’t even disable Cloud Connection (Like the old My Cloud) and use it Locally.

Great idea btw not having AT LEAST 2step authentication. Are you sure there is no backdoor passwords this time? :wink:

Now to the point of this topic.

Why Private folders are limited to ~66mb/s ? Public Folder is full gigabit speed (AS IT SHOULD)



Private User Space is CBFS (Call Back File System) Network Mounted Drive, content is thumbnailed and indexed and Public Share is Windows SMB (Samba) Network Share, is not indexed or thumbnailed.


So CBFS is a very slow filesystem. Thumbnail or indexing is not the problem here are the transfer is a single 5gb file.

Also there is one more (big) problem.

The max speed when I drop a file through the web page is 70mbps. The avg is half. Again, the file is a single 5gb file. I’m still on the same ethernet gigabit connection.


Check your Web and Computer connection to see if it’s Local, Direct or Proxy.
Local or Direct (port forward) should be faster than Proxy connection.
The only way for force a MCH to Port Forward mode is router UPnP because the external ports are randomly assigned.


Connection is Local (Green Light)


Ok, so from what I understand ~66mb/s for Private user space (CBFS) is NORMAL.

How can you explain then this,
If I DISABLE INTERNET ACCESS from the network, PRIVATE user (CBFS) transfer speed is ~112mb/s (Full Gigabit)

WHY Internet access LIMITS LOCAL transfer speed?

CBFS is NOT the problem here or the actual hardware. Something is terribly wrong in the software.