How to easily move content from Private Space to Public share?

Hi everyone,

I recently imported my data from a clasic My Cloud to a My Cloud Home Duo.
To do so, the built-in app was efficient (more than robocopy) but dropped all my files to the Private Space.

My question: is there a way to move the content from the Private Space to the Public Share without passing through my laptop ? In other terms, to speed up the process by rearranging the files internally on the NAS.


I haven’t found a way other than copy & paste because they are two different storage locations on the same HDD and no SSH or ADB shell access. Data has to comes out of CBFS and into the SMB Public share

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Hum… this is what I was afraid of !
Let’s go for 72hrs of copy & paste just to move data on a drive. Thanks anyway.

chmod it. change permissions wont have to move anything…

This is really weird. I don’t suggest anyone to buy WD My Cloud Home.