Possible to move files from "public"?

I have the following setup on my MyCloud

2 devices
1 user

I placed all a lot of data when I first got the device in the “public” share becasue I thought that would be the only way to access it remotely.

Now I would love to move that data to a new sharepoint. But when I try to do this in the finder (MacOS), it is going to “copy” the data to the new sharepoint, which I don’t have the room to do and will take an awfully long time. Is there some way to either:

“move” the data from the “public” share to another share w/o copying?


Change the “public” share to a private sharepoint?

Thanks very much


Have you tried cut and paste?

Copy to an external USB backup drive. When fully copied, delete the WDMyCloud Public files/folders.

Then, copy from the external drive to the new Private WDMyCloud folders.


You should be able to SSH into the drive. Make a new folder and copy the files to the new folder.
You just need to cd to the Public folder do the following:
mkdir …/
mv file …/

Then exit SSH

A what…?

You should be able to move files from one share to another using your favourite file manager. Just like you move any other files.

Have you mapped the shares as network drives?

cut and paste are not available for mounted network drives

If possible I want to avoid copying, its a lot of data and would take a few days to copy to an external and then re-copy to the MyCoud

It seems SSH is the only option? Just want to confirm that I am moving files from one drive to another on the MyCloud, from the “shared” drive to a drive that I created?

Assuming I can do that via SSH, can someone help me determine server address? and other login info. I am using CyberDuck

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocoal)
port: 22
SSH Private Key: (??)



They should be…

The IP address is that of your MyCloud; see your router’s IP allocation table.

The username and password are shown in the Dashboard UI when you enable SSH. They are usually root and welc0me. Yes, that’s a zero.

MacOS Terminal has an SSH client.


@silsurf Sorry Apple will not do cut and paste. I have Windows 10. Image below is from using File Explorer.


I will second using SSH (or winscp) to do the move. A move operation is MUUUUUCH faster than the copy operation, because it just updates the root inodes. Should happen in just a few seconds, even with multi-gigabytes of data.

thanks everyone. Here is my network settings profile:

I have not seen any place to input or alter user/pass info

I use Cyberduck for SSH, which is a trusted client, even referrred to on the Putty/mac page :blush:

The system creates folders on /mnt/HD/HD_a2/ for every share you make. User/Pass is controlled at the share level for these things. the files you are looking for will be in


To do the move over ssh, log in as the root user, then do this:

mv /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Public/[somefolder] /mnt/HD/HD_a2/NewPrivateShare/

It should complete in just a few seconds. This is because both locations are on the same EXT4 volume, and a simple inode update will facilitate the move.

I was able to log in SSH, I just had to unmount the drives from my desktop. :laughing:

Greatly appreciate the support, hope everyone has a nice holiday.

Still would like to change my login info though.