Partitions & cloning for Passport

i have a 2 TB My Passport.  i want 2 clone my 160GB hard drive onto it.  but when i use Acronis, it says my WD contains some partitions that may contain useful data.

it is brand new.  do i delete all partitions, or is there initial software on it that shouldn’t be erased?


You might be able to do that. However, this procedure is not supported by WD.

You can try formatting the drive. Please note that all the application that comes on the unit are listed on the WD support site.

my goal is to use the WD drive as a backup of my HD in case it dies.  i was hoping to clone/copy/image(?) my HD on the WD external drive, but to also use the external drive to store other data over time.  i don’t mind doing the latter manually. 

so WD does not have a solution for this then?

Making mutiple images shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve got a USB external with images of different machines. I used Acronis True Image.